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What Makes Arborgold Different?

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Give us ten minutes and we’ll show you how Arborgold is transforming companies with service business software with that support office teams, sales teams, production crews, and executives with the information they need most – when they need it.

Designed for your industry

Field Service companies are looking for software that’s specifically designed for their industry. Arborgold meets the detailed needs of landscape, lawn care, tree care, plant healthcare, snow removal, and pest control businesses.

Lawn Care

Have the confidence that your crews will arrive on time during high volume, repetitive, grouped, or even successor scheduling environments.


Visualize your scheduling as you drag and drop individual, multi-step, multi-day, successor, ongoing, or recurring jobs in just a couple of clicks.

Tree Care

Access a digital group calendar to schedule single jobs with multiple services or large multi-day projects that vary by service type, crew, & location.

Plant Healthcare

Gone are the days of deploying two or more separate crews for multiple services at the same location when you can combine service types into a single visit.

Pest Control

Maximize crew availability and productivity job scheduling features that include automated reminders and territory planning.

Snow Removal

Rapidly respond to scheduling needs in times of high demand based on available staff, equipment, territory, and capacity of these assets.

Everything's included

From dashboard graphs and data overviews to detailed work orders, mobile apps, advanced scheduling features, and time tracking… 

Executives, Owners, Office Managers, Sales teams, Production Crews, and Accounting are benefiting from Arborgold’s integrated business management system.

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Pricing and Plans

Starting As Low as $129 Per Month

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Intuitive, flexible scheduling software

Schedule individual, group, multi-day, recurring, successor, and more services types with our easy-to-use drag and drop calendar equipped with route optimization, one-click dispatching, and other intelligent logic.

Route with visual maps

Save time and money with Arborgold’s schedule mapping tool that allows users to filter unscheduled jobs on a map and then group schedule them together on the same date based on location. 

Special tools for recurring jobs

Schedule, manage, and bill a single job's multiple tasks or services at different times, even with different teams. Unscheduled services will remain in the list queue to be scheduled at a later date. 

Real-time Business Intelligence

Arborgold's visual dashboards means you're accessing your most important business data when you need it most. Find the right balance between busy and capacity by viewing scheduled vs. unscheduled work, including project cost and revenue.

Job Scheduling and Routing Software for Tree, Lawn, and Landscape Companies

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